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“I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you.” -Genesis 9:15


Monthly Theme:

The theme this month is “Fairytales” and our Biblical theme is “Obey”. Letters of the Month are “D”, “E” & “F”. Our Numbers are “3”, “4” & “5” This month our Shape will be “Triangle”. We will also be reviewing “Orange” as our Color and with that comes pumpkins! We have also added in information about fire safety in recognition of fire safety prevention month!


After School News:

Parents, please notify the office on days your child will NOT be riding the bus. If your child has been sent home sick from Elementary School, please refrain from sending your child to after school that day. They are not to return for 24 hours without symptoms. Remember to label all backpacks with your child’s first and last name. Do not allow your child to bring in personal toys from home. Camp Lowcountry Day is not responsible for items brought from home. If your child wears a phone watch on their arm, it will be kept in the front office for you to pick-up. All after schoolers need to keep a full change of clothes in their backpack or cubby.


Ms. Kim’s Notes:

The air is crisp and the chili’s on the stove which can only mean one thing, it’s o’fishally fall y’all! This year’s Fall Festival theme will be “Under the Sea” and will be held on Friday, October 26th. Think mermaids, pirates, sea turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks, crabs, and jellyfish. Please see the office for approved costume suggestions. Please make sure that the costume is kid friendly. No masks, swords, guns, etc. Your child may also wear regular clothing on this day. Keep an eye out for Party Sign-Up sheets; they will be posted by each classroom door!


Parent Reminders:

*Southern Roots Photography will be coming for our annual school pictures! More details soon to come. See postings soon!

*It is important that shoes fit properly to help ensure safe play. Crocs, sandals with NO back strap & loose fitting shoes are NOT appropriate for little feet during school hours.

*It is vital that you use your fingerprint to check your child in/out. If you are unable to sign in/out through our computer touch screen, please see the office for a bypass code.

*A child may not be in underwear until they are 30 days accident free, documented by the preschool. Potty charts are noted daily. Also, please check your child’s cubbies daily for soiled clothes and notes for supplies needed.


Dates to Remember:

Pelican Pumpkin Patch Field Trip- 285: October 17th

Pelican Pumpkin Patch Field Trip- 357: October 19th

Fall Festival “Under the Sea”- October 26th

Thanksgiving Break- November 22nd-23rd 


Serving Christ,

Ms. Kim

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Holiday Closings

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September 3rd ~ Labor Day

November 22nd – 23rd ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 24th – January 2nd ~ Christmas Break

April 19th ~ Good Friday

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