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Monthly Theme

Fresh new starts are all around us! School is back in session as we move into the last month of the summer! We are starting off this year by learning all about our health as we explore our theme; “Healthy Me”! We will learn how eating the right foods, exercising and taking care of ourselves helps to keep us healthy and strong.

Our letters for this month are: A-B-C. Our numbers are: 1 & 2. Our shape is: circle and our color this month is: white.

This month’s Bible theme is: “I am a child of God”, as we learn all the wonderful and amazing ways our Lord blesses and cares for us as we follow Him.


Camp News       

Only a few more weeks of Summer Camp! First day of school is August 19th! We are excited to see some of our “Campers” back for After School, as well as many returning After Schoolers we’ve missed all summer. Keep all toys at home; no personal play items. Be sure to LABEL EVERYTHING. Parents, please bear with the first week of the buses running. They will be slightly slower the first 2 weeks. There is no need to call; we will always call you if your child does not get off their assigned bus. Parents must notify our office when your child has been sent home sick from the elementary school


Ms. Kim’s Notes

Our 2019-2020 Parent Handbooks will be available by September 1st and ready for pick up at the front office. Additionally, your annual re-registration fee of $55.00 is due September 1st. If your child was registered after March 1, 2019, you will not have to pay a registration fee at this time. If you attended Summer Camp, After School registration is paid for the 2019-2020 school year, it will expire at summer registration for 2020 Summer Camp. Starting September 1st, children must be at school prior to 10:30AM, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office. If your child has an appointment, and has missed their lunch time, they must be fed prior to dropping off.


Parent Reminders

*Our new year Parent Handbooks will be available by September 1st and ready for pick up at the front office.

*If your attendance averages more than 50 hours per week, an additional charge of $10 per hour, per child will apply.

*You must escort your children in and out of their classroom. They must be dropped off or picked up from their classroom by a designated adult. No running in the hallways!!

*Morning snack is just a snack. We expect children to eat their nutritional breakfast at home. Breakfast at home is an important start to the day. We serve low-fat milk, which is recommended for the majority of the children we serve. However, if your child drinks only whole milk, alternative milk such as cashew or almond milk, or follow-up formula, we are happy to serve what you bring in.

*Please no eating while entering the building or walking down the hallways. Food is NOT allowed in the classrooms other than in our infant care rooms.

*Do not bring toys unless it is Show-N-Tell Day. They must stay in the car or at home. (Ex: stuffed animals, baby dolls, cars, etc.)

*Please update the office if your contact or billing information has changed.

*Keep the office updated with immunization records.


Serving Christ,

Ms. Kim

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Holiday Closings

September 2018 – August 2019


September 3rd ~ Labor Day

November 22nd – 23rd ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 24th – January 2nd ~ Christmas Break

April 19th ~ Good Friday

May 27th ~ Memorial Day

July 4th ~ Independence Day