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Monthly Theme

This month we will be learning about Farm Animals. E-I-E-I-O!  Our Letters this month are; V-W-X, Numbers; 17-18 (Seagull&Pelican) & 8-9 (Alligator-Dolphin). Our Shape is Oval, and our color is Purple. We will also be learning about Spring and you’ll see lots of bunny, chick, ducks and spring crafts coming home!

Our Bible Theme will be Easter, as we learn about the life and resurrection of Jesus.  He is alive!  He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

Dates to Remember:

April 10th– Easter Egg Extravaganza & Class Parties         May 9th285 Pelican “Mother’s Day Tea”

April 19th– CLOSED for Good Friday. Happy Easter!         May 18th– Pelican Graduation @ Cornerstone Church

May 8th357 Pelican “Mother’s Day Tea”


Afterschool & Camp News       

Beaufort County School Closings:

Monday: April 15th Peter Rabbit PJ Day “Movies & Easter snacks”

Tuesday: April 16th Wacky Tacky Tuesday “Egg Spoon Race”

Wednesday: April 17th Show your Heritage day “Hole-in-One Mini golf”

Thursday: April 18th Easter bonnet day “Prize for most original Easter bonnet”

Friday: April 19th CLOSED for Good Friday

 *Please let the office know if your child will be present on Elementary School out days.


Summer Camp is right around the corner! This summer, campers will be “In the Wild!” Summer Camp is open to all graduating Pelicans who will be attending Kindergarten through 8 years old by June 1st.


Ms. Kim’s Notes / Parent Reminders

The Easter Bunny is coming soon, so it’s time to bring in two dozen plastic “filled” eggs! We will be having class parties and an Easter Egg Extravaganza on Wednesday, April 10th. All students haven been asked to bring in two dozen “filled” plastic eggs with the class labeled on the bag. The eggs may have novelty items as well as candy (no chocolate, nuts or peanut butter), but make sure they are age appropriate for your child’s class. Extra eggs are always welcome. Please do not bring in your own baskets; we will be making Easter bags!

*LCD biting policy is as follows: a behavior report is sent to the parent of the biter; unless the skin is broken, the child will then be sent home immediately. A medical alert is sent to the parent of the child that received the bite. The parent will be called if the skin is broken. Specific policy states that they may be dismissed from preschool if they bite more than 3 times. After 3 habitual bites, there is a mandated parent conference with Ms. Kim to determine the long term plan of the biter. Please review your parent handbook for the full behavior/medical policies.

*Please note that if your child is absent or sent home after developing a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, cough, green runny nose, or anything that is contagious, it is our policy that he or she must remain home until symptom-free for 24-hours, without the aid of medication regardless of your Doctor’s note of return. This means your child will not be allowed to attend that following school day.

*If your child has an appointment, and has missed their lunch time, they must be fed prior to dropping off. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the child has been fed.

*If your child is interested in a Summer Dance workshop, please see Alliance Dance Academy’s flyer on the Pelican classroom door.


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Serving Christ,

Ms. Kim


Monthly Theme

This month we will be learning about The Five Senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing and Taste! Our letters this month are; S-T-U, Numbers; 15&16 (Seagull&Pelican) & 7 (Alligator-Dolphin). Our Shape is diamond, and our color is green. On Friday, March 1st, we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! You’ll see us making & wearing our special, “Cat in the Hat” hats and we’re even celebrating on our menu, as we pay tribute to this fabulous children’s author! Watch out for “leprechauns” on the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day.

Our Bible theme will be Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors. We will learn that we should not be envious or jealous of other people’s things and we should be happy with the things we have.


Afterschool News

Beaufort County School Closings:

March 15th-  1/2 Day

*Please let the office know if your child will be present on Elementary School out days.


Summer Camp is right around the corner! This summer, campers will be “In the Wild!” Summer Camp is open to all graduating Pelicans who will be attending Kindergarten through 8 years old by June 1st. Summer Camp spaces are first come, first serve. Please return packet with $55 registration by March 15th to reserve your child’s spot.


Ms. Kim’s Notes

This month we look forward to a visit from the the Hilton Head Christian Academy’s Theater Department who will be performing an excerpt of their production of The Little Mermaid.

*Don’t forget Daylight Savings on Sunday, March 10th. Set your clocks forward one hour.

*Please no eating while entering the building or walking down the hallways. Food is not allowed in the classrooms other than in our infant care rooms.

*Please label everything; diapers, wipes, clothes, pacifiers, bottles (caps included!), diaper/bottle bags, etc.

*The porte-cochère is only for 3 minute pickup. If you would like to do business at the office or chat with staff, please park in the parking lot. Please do not back into the porte-cochère.

*If your child is sent home sick or is misbehaving, we will contact you in order to arrange immediate pick-up of your child. We understand that there are circumstances when you can’t make it immediately, but you must have a back-up plan. We expect you or your back-up to pick up within the hour, of when you are notified. Failure to do so within the hour will result in additional fees.

*Habitual late pick-ups will result in enrollment termination.

*Now is the perfect time to check your child’s cubby for an extra change of clothes. Take home winter clothes, and replace with warmer weather items. Also, please remember to return LCD’s spare clothes.

*Flip-flops, sandals, and Crocs; these types of shoes are not allowed at Lowcountry Day. They do not have full foot coverage and can be hazardous on the playground


Serving Christ,

Ms. Kim

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Holiday Closings

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September 3rd ~ Labor Day

November 22nd – 23rd ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 24th – January 2nd ~ Christmas Break

April 19th ~ Good Friday

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