News for Parents

January Newsletter

“I believe in being honest.” -2 Cor. 2:1-2

Monthly Theme

Happy New Year! This month our theme will be Arctic Animals, Winter and Martin Luther King Jr. We are starting our year off learning about fox, wolf, whale, caribou, seal, husky, moose, mountain goats, polar bears, narwhals, just to name a few!

Our concepts for January are the letters M, N, O; the numbers are 11 & 12. Our shape is star and our color is blue.

Our Bible theme this month is: Truthful & Honest. We will learn how honesty is always the right way.


Our Creative Curriculum Study will be “The Building Study”. We’ll be learning about houses, schools, barns, restaurants, castles, etc.

Question: How many rooms are in your house?

After School News

Beaufort County Schools Closings:

MLK Day: 1/16 (LCD Schools closed as well)

*Please notify the office if your child will be present on school out days.

Director’s Notes              

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a blessed Christmas Season! Many children were served in Beaufort County, thanks to your generous donations to Bluffton Self-Help. Each of the teachers and staff would like to thank you again for your generous gifts and treats. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents to support us. We look forward to all the fun and exciting things the new year brings!

Parent Reminders

Important reminder: Please keep your children home if they are sick or exhibit symptoms of being sick. (Vomiting, fever, diarrhea, sore throat/cough, eye infection, rash)

*Drop-off cutoff is 9:30AM, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office. If your child has a Doctor’s appointment, please bring in a note of excuse.

*Drop-off and pickup time is limited to 3 minutes maximum. During this time, please put away your cell phone and give your full attention to your child.

*Please do not bring your children in eating/drinking in the classroom or hallway.

*Label everything including hats, mittens, jackets, water bottles and lunch boxes. This is a state regulation! We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

*No hooded sweatshirts are allowed. This is a strangulation hazard.

*No nuts/peanut butter food or treats allowed. We are a nut free campus.

*To see all messages, parents must clock in/out with our Procare touch screens. If your fingerprint is not working, please see the office for assistance.

*Check daily reports for any needs such as extra changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, pull-ups, etc. Please check your child’s clothes in their cubbies to make sure they are set for cooler weather.

Serving Christ,
LCD Staff


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Holiday Closings

September 2022  August 2023

Academic Year


September 5 ~ Labor Day
November 23 – 25 ~ 
Staff Training & Thanksgiving Holiday
December 23 ~ 
12:00PM Closure
December 24 – 31 ~ 
Christmas & Winter Break
January 1 ~ 
New Year’s Day
January 16 ~ 
Martin Luther King Day
April 7 ~ 
Good Friday/Easter Holiday
May 29 ~ 
Memorial Day
July 4 ~ Independence Day