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Monthly Theme:                             

WEEK 5: Jesus Gives Me Joy- Bible Story:  Paul and Silas in Prison

WEEK 6: Jesus Gives Me Hope- Bible Story: The Resurrection of Lazarus

WEEK 7: Jesus Helps Me Believe- Bible Story: Thomas Believed

WEEK 8: Jesus Loves Me- Bible Story: John Wrote About Jesus




Camp News

Back to School will soon be upon us! Elementary schools start back August 20th, so start your school year off right by pre-registering for afterschool (Kindergaren-3rd Grade) care now. After School packets will be available on July 16th. Please notify the office if you plan on having your child attend Lowcountry Day’s afterschool program. Let us know what school your child will be attending for bus route purposes.

Starting the new school year, LCD will be accepting after schoolers from Hilton Head Christian Academy. J


School closing dates:

July 4th: CLOSED for Independence Day. Have a safe and blessed weekend!


Ms. Kim’s Notes

Due to the extreme heat advisories and thundershowers we have in the Lowcountry, our playground outside times may vary; therefore the class schedule may be altered to accommodate play time.

Follow our LCD policy for all illnesses and such things as ringworm and head lice. Notify our office of any contagious illness and follow our out-of-school policy. Head lice in school age children are quite common. It is vital that you follow your pediatrician’s guidelines for treatment. Helpful tips are to always check after trips to the gym, pool, indoor playgrounds, and sleepovers.

With back to school in just a month, please let the office know of any changes in your child’s file. All weekly payments are due on Monday and considered late on Tuesday at drop-off. Monthly accounts are due on the 1st, late fees apply thereafter. I recommend Tuition Express to avoid any late fees. Full rate payment is expected, according to the plan you choose- regardless of attendance.


Parent Reminders:

*LCD Schools opens promptly at 7:00AM and closes at 6:15PM. You will not be allowed back in the classrooms before 7:00AM or after 6:15PM.  Please plan accordingly.

*When you have been called regarding your child being sent home sick or with disruptive behavior, you are expected to pick up within an hour of the call. Late fees will apply.

*A child may not be in underwear until they are 30 days accident free, documented by the preschool. Potty charts are noted daily. Also, please check your child’s cubbies daily for soiled clothes and notes for supplies needed. Once in a while you will get a courtesy note in Procare for “needed” supplies. However, it is the parent/guardian’s ultimate responsibility to check your child’s cubby and/or supplies daily.

Just a few Summertime Tidbits that will be helpful in keeping your student healthy and safe:

                *Apply bug spray & sunscreen before coming to school.

                *NO Flip-Flop’s or Croc’s allowed! All shoes must cover the front & back of the foot.

                *Water Bottles can come, but must be labeled- Water only!

                *Alert the office with any food allergies. Keep it current at all times.

                *Check daily for any head lice, infected bug bites, or ringworm.

                *Bathe your child daily.

*Make sure that we have your child’s current immunizations on file.


Serving Christ,

Ms. Kim


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Holiday Closings

September 2017 – August 2018


September 4th ~ Labor Day

November 23rd-24th ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 22nd ~ 2:00 Closure

December 25th-January 1st ~ Christmas Break

March 30th ~ Good Friday

May 28th ~ Memorial Day

July 4th ~ Independence Day