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Monthly Theme

Week 5: Encounter on the Road- Bible Story: All of the Bible tells about Jesus

Week 6: Encounter in the Temple- Bible Story: Jesus as a Boy, in His Father’s House

Week 7: Encounter at the River- Bible Story: The Baptism of Jesus

Week 8: Encounter on the Water- Bible Story: Jesus and Peter walk on the Water

Week 9: Encounter at the Tomb Bible Story: Mary Magdalene at the Empty Tomb


School closing dates:

July 4th: CLOSED for Independence Day. Have a safe and blessed weekend!


Camp News       

Campers: We try our best to not alter set field trips scheduled, however sometimes the weather will cause a cancellation beyond our control. Please see notes in our Procare system for any field trip changes pertaining to that day.

Back to School will soon be upon us! Elementary schools start back August 19th. Please return your after school packet with your child’s elementary school listed, bus schedules are already being made.


Ms. Kim’s Notes

Head lice in school age children are quite common, especially in

the summer when there are sleepovers, pool parties and playhouses. We do random checks on a regular basis, especially our after school and camp children. It is vital that you follow your pediatrician’s guidelines for treatment. Please read your Parent Handbook for our policy, which states, “In the event your child is found with lice or nits in the hair, your child will be sent home. There will be a 48-hour wait after treatment before a re-check, that will be done by the school director (after 9:00am). Child will not be allowed re-entry to school until cleared by the director.”

Our 2019-2020 Parent Handbooks will be available by September 1st and ready for pick up at the front office. Additionally, your annual re-registration fee of $55.00 is due September 1st. If your child was registered after March 1, 2019, you will not have to pay a registration fee at this time. If you attended Summer Camp, after school registration is paid for the 2019-2020 school year, it will expire at summer registration for 2020 Summer Camp.


Parent Reminders

*If your attendance averages more than 50 hours per week, an additional charge of $10 per hour, per child will apply.

*Drop-off cutoff is 11:00AM, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.


Just a few Summertime Tidbits that will be helpful in keeping your student healthy and safe:

            *LCD follows heat advisories daily. Playground times will deviate based on the weather.

            *Apply bug spray & sunscreen before coming to school.

            *NO Flip-Flops or Croc’s allowed! All shoes must cover the front & back of the foot.

            *Water Bottles can come daily, but must be labeled- Water only please! Please bring them home daily to wash.

            *Food is not allowed in the classrooms other than in our infant care rooms (Guppies and Turtles). All food must be                      labeled and put in the cafeteria.


Serving Christ,

Ms. Kim


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Holiday Closings

September 2018 – August 2019


September 3rd ~ Labor Day

November 22nd – 23rd ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 24th – January 2nd ~ Christmas Break

April 19th ~ Good Friday

May 27th ~ Memorial Day

July 4th ~ Independence Day