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Attention Parents: We have been notified of multiple cases of Influenza in the Lowcountry area. Per the CDC guidelines:
Those who get flu-like symptoms at school should go home and stay home until at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever or signs of a fever without the use of fever-reducing medicine. 
Yes, this means you will miss several days of school. Please let the office know if your child has tested positive or has symptoms of the flu. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Do NOT give your child Tylenol and send them to school, thinking it is teething or just over tired. This flu can be quite deadly. Please refer to the CDC for the number count daily. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children healthy and safe!

Monthly Theme

February is a love filled month! This month’s theme is “Love & Family”.  Our Shape is Heart and our Color is Pink. Letters are P, Q, R and Numbers are 13&14 for Pelicans and 7 for Alligators through Seagull. This month’s special studies are Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Dental Health Month.

The Bible theme this month is “Love One Another”. We will learn that everything we do must be done in love. We love others because God loves us!


Afterschool News

Beaufort County School Closings:

                                    February 19th: No School- Staff Development         

*Please let the office know if your child will be present for camp on these days.


We are already getting excited about Summer Camp! This year our theme will be “VBS: GAME ON!” Sound the buzzer- spirit week is in session in Summer 2018!

Information packets and registration forms will be ready at either school at the beginning of March. Summer Camp is open to all graduating Pelicans who will be attending Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. Current afterschool students and graduating Pelicans will have the first spots. Only if there is space available, will we open enrollment to the public. Generally, there is a wait list for all summer camp spots.


Ms. Kim’s Notes

This is the perfect opportunity to review your Parent Handbook for any questions. All observed holidays and school closures are posted at the front office window.


Health Notes 

Flu activity is continuing to increase in the Lowcountry and while it’s unknown when the flu season activity will peak, DHEC is encouraging South Carolinians to protect themselves against the flu. In an effort to help protect well children from unnecessary exposure to contagious or infectious diseases, we ask that if you have any flu-like symptoms and/or fever, do not send your children to school. You can help prevent many illnesses by making sure your child receives immunizations and by making sure you are not masking the disease with medications such as Tylenol or children’s cold medicines.


Parent Reminders

*If your child is in a Potty Training classroom, you must have two changes of clothes, wipes, pull-ups or rubber pants along with the underwear. A child may not be in underwear until they are 30 days accident free, documented by the preschool. Potty charts are noted daily. Also, please check your child’s cubbies daily for soiled clothes and notes if supplies are needed. Soiled clothes left for 24 hours must be discarded.


Upcoming Events

February 13th: Valentine Parties during afternoon snack times. Sign-up sheets are posted by each classroom door.


If you would like to bring in Valentine cards, please address them:

To: Friend (No Names)

From: Your child’s name


Serving Christ,
Ms. Kim


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Holiday Closings

September 2017 – August 2018


September 4th ~ Labor Day

November 23rd-24th ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 22nd ~ 2:00 Closure

December 25th-January 1st ~ Christmas Break

March 30th ~ Good Friday

May 28th ~ Memorial Day

July 4th ~ Independence Day