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Monthly Theme

This month we’ll be exploring Weather! From warm sunny days to cold stormy nights we will be learning about all weather conditions. Letters this month are; D-E-F, Numbers; 3 (Alligators – Dolphins) & 3-4-5-6 (Pelicans). Our Shape is square, and our Color is red. We will also be discussing Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.

Our Bible theme this month is: Truthful & Honest. We will learn how honesty is always the right way.


Camp News       

Buses are now on schedule and the After School Program is running smoothly.

Parents, please notify the office on days your child will NOT be riding the bus.

Remember to label all backpacks with your child’s first and last name. Do not allow your child to bring in personal toys from home. Camp Lowcountry Day is not responsible for items brought from home. If your child wears a phone watch, it will be kept in the front office for you to pick-up. All after schoolers need to keep a full change of clothes in their backpack or cubby.


Ms. Kim’s Notes

Please read the 2019-2020 Handbook! Additionally, your annual re-registration fee of $55.00 is due September 1st. If your child was registered after March 1, 2019, you will not have to pay a registration fee at this time. If you attended Summer Camp, afterschool registration is paid for the 2019-2020 school year. The new payment plan will be effective October 1st. All weekly payments are due on Monday and are considered late on Tuesday morning with a late fee. Tuition Express is available to all parents, and will prevent having forgetful mishaps that can be costly. Please see the office for more information.

Fall is fast approaching and with that comes the holiday season!! This year’s “Fall Festival” theme will be “Pet Shop” and will be held on Friday, October 25th.  Think dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, reptiles and more! Your child may also wear regular clothing on this day. Stay tuned for more details next month!

This is an urgent and friendly reminder that little ones can easily run from their parents when exiting at night. Please be cautious watching as you drive through the porte-cochere. Parents, make sure you are holding your child’s hand when exiting the building. Thank you for helping keep our children safe.


Parent Reminders

*We live in the Glorious Lowcountry, but the biting insects like it as much as we do. Remember to apply your bug spray and sunscreen at home in the morning before leaving for school. We are no longer reapplying in the afternoon without a Doctor’s Note.

*It is vital that you use your fingerprint to check your child in/out. If you are unable to sign in/out through our computer touch screen, please see the office for a bypass code.

*Drop-off cutoff is 10:30AM, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.

*There is a 3 minute parking time limit for drop off and pickup under the porchere. No parking in the pass fire lane. 

*A child may not be in underwear until they are 30 days accident free, documented by the preschool. Potty charts are noted daily. All children non potty trained will be in a pull-up until accident free for 30 days. Rate changes will be applied once the child has been documented accident free. Also, please check your child’s cubbies daily for soiled clothes and notes for supplies needed.


Serving Christ,

Ms. Kim

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Holiday Closings

September 2019 – August 2020


September 2nd ~ Labor Day

November 28th – 29th ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 23rd – December 27th ~ Christmas Break

December 31st~ 12PM Closure

January 1st ~ New Year’s Day

April 10th ~ Good Friday

May 25th ~ Memorial Day

July 3rd ~ Independence Day