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August Newsletter

“When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.” -Psalm 94:19

Monthly Theme

This month we are going back to school! Letters this month are; A, B, C; Numbers are 1, 2, 3; Shape is Circle.

Our Creative Curriculum Study will be “Beginning the Year”. We will learn how to make and keep friends, or class rules, our friend’s names and a whole lot more. We are excited to start a new school year!

Question: Who works at our school?

Camp and After School News

Only a few more weeks of Summer Camp! Back to School will soon be upon us! There will be an Ice Cream Party on the last day, Friday, August 12th. Thanks for such a fun and exciting summer. We look forward to seeing some of you at after school!

First day of school is August 15th! We are excited to see some of our “Campers” back for after school, as well as many returning after schoolers we’ve missed all summer. Keep all toys at home; no personal play items. Be sure to LABEL EVERYTHING. Parents, please bear with the first week of the buses running. They will be slightly slower the first 2 weeks. There is no need to call; we will always call you if your child does not get off their assigned bus.

Director’s Notes              

   We’re always sad to say goodbye to our Summer Camp kids as Camp comes to a close. Now it’s time for the “Wheels on the Bus” to roll along, and we begin our academic new year. Lots of fall activities are planned, and we are ready for some learning fun!

   We are looking forward to having an Open House sometime after Labor Day. (Stay tuned for a date and more information!) This will give parents the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and see their classroom. Stay tuned for a date and more information!

   *Our 2022-2023 Parent Handbooks will be available by September 1st and ready for pick up at the front office. Additionally, your annual re-registration fee of $55.00 is due September 1st. If your child was registered after March 1, 2022, you will not have to pay a registration fee at this time. If you attended Summer Camp, after school registration is paid for the 2022-2023 school year, it will expire at summer registration for 2023 Summer Camp.

       Our COVID drop-off protocol is as follows:

  • We will continue to run the children to and from their classrooms (no parents past the front foyers).
  • If anyone in your family or household is under quarantine or are waiting on COVID test results, your child is not able to attend school.
  • If your child or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID over the weekend, please message our school Facebook page @ Lowcountry Day Christian Camp & Preschool.

Parent Reminders

*Drop-off cutoff is 10:00AM, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office. If your child has a Doctor’s appointment, please bring in a note of excuse.

*Be sure to apply your bug spray and sunscreen at home prior to coming to class. We may re-apply in the afternoon if needed. You may bring in LABELED sunscreen and bug spray.

*To avoid additional fees, weekly payments are due on Mondays; monthly payments are due on the 1st of the month.

*To see all messages, parents must clock in/out with our Procare touch screens. If your fingerprint is not working, please see the office for assistance.

*Check daily reports for any needs such as extra changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, pull-ups, etc.


September 5: School Closed- Labor Day


Serving Christ,
LCD Staff

Dates to Remember:

July 4th: CLOSED- Independence Day

July 8th: Water Fun Day for Starfish – Pelican

Serving Christ,
LCD Staff

***Please check out our Facebook page to keep up with LCD happenings!

Holiday Closings

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Academic Year

September 6 ~ Labor Day
November 24 – 26 ~
Staff Training & Thanksgiving Holiday
December 23 ~
2:00PM Closure
December 24 – 31 ~
Christmas & Winter Break
January 1 ~
New Year’s Day
January 17 ~
Martin Luther King Day
April 15 ~
Good Friday/Easter Holiday
May 30 ~
Memorial Day
July 4 ~ Independence Day