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April Newsletter

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies above proclaim the work of His hands.”

– Psalm 19:1

Monthly Theme

As April showers come, we will be exploring the insect world this month. “Let’s Get Buggy”! We’ll be learning about ladybugs, caterpillars, butterflies and more. We will also be celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 20th.

Our letters this month are V, W, X. Numbers 9 (Alligators through Seagulls), 17 & 18 for Pelicans. Our shape is Oval and our color is Purple.

Dates to Remember:

May 9th: 357 School: Mother’s Day Tea (Pelicans Only)

May 10th: 285 School: Mother’s Day Tea (Pelicans Only)

May 19th: Pelican Graduation at Cornerstone Church



Afterschool News

Beaufort County School Closings:

                                Spring Break: April 9th-13th

                                                                Monday– Movie Character Day

                                                                Tuesday– Sports Team Day

                                                                Wednesday– Wacky Wednesday

                                                                Thursday– Crazy Hair/Hat Day

                                                                Friday– PJ Day

*Please let the office know if your child will be present for camp on these days.

Summer Camp is right around the corner! This year our theme will be “VBS: GAME ON!” Sound the buzzer- spirit week is in session in Summer 2018!  We look forward to an action packed Summer!


Ms. Kim’s Notes

Please be advised that Heritage Week on Hilton Head is April 9-15 and typically traffic is very cumbersome getting off the island. Please make arrangements now for your emergency pickup plans. Our schools will close promptly at their scheduled times and late pickup fees will apply.


Parent Reminders

*Weather change is here and so are the bugs! Remember to apply your bug spray every morning prior to leaving home, so your child can enjoy playground time without bugs biting. This also includes sunscreen. Teachers will only reapply in the afternoon if necessary.

*3 minute parking under the porchere. If you would like to visit, please park in the parking lot. Do not enter the drive-thru the wrong way or improperly back-in. Take note of your speed, little children run from parent’s hands quite often.

*If your child is sent home sick, we will contact you in order to arrange immediate pick-up of your child. We understand that there are circumstances when you can’t make it immediately, but you must have a back-up plan. We expect you or your back-up to pick up within the hour, of when you are notified. Failure to do so within the hour will result in additional fees.

*Please note that if your child is absent or sent home after developing fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, cough, green runny nose, or anything that is contagious, it is our policy that he or she must remain home until symptom-free for 24-hours, without the aid of medication regardless of your Doctor’s note of return. This means your child will not be allowed to attend that following school day. A child must stay home when their condition causes one-on-one care. For an example, diarrhea caused by an antibiotic still requires your child to stay home. Please review our sick policy in your Parent Handbook.

*Special reminder, all medications for children must be signed in at the office, accompanied by a physician’s note. Medications that are prescribed once or twice daily must be given at home.

*Please update the office if your contact or billing information has changed.


Serving Christ,
Ms. Kim

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Holiday Closings

September 2017 – August 2018


September 4th ~ Labor Day

November 23rd-24th ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 22nd ~ 2:00 Closure

December 25th-January 1st ~ Christmas Break

March 30th ~ Good Friday

May 28th ~ Memorial Day

July 4th ~ Independence Day